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So I asked our illustrious founder Robb Eggertson the following: "Do you have any sort of write up or can you put something together into the history & the start up of the Bonewagon Association...  Did Paul originate the Western Canada Hearse Club...?", and the following is what he sent me:

Wow, you are gonna test my memory here…Both clubs came together at the same time; Paul referred me to Andrew Kerr who did the logos…

…back to the beginning…

I had been chasing hearse on E-bay to use as a Halloween props…Nearly scored a 75 out of Montana and then found one that was on E-bay and in town. It was a blue 1981 and it was owned by Travis Steeves and Lou Dube; they called themselves the Northwest Coach Company. They bought hearses straight from the funeral homes and then re-sold them.  I lost that hearse with 13 seconds to go; it went up to Fort Simpson where a lady was going to put it back in service to do inexpensive funerals for local natives.

 Later I was leading on a 78 Miller Meteor on E-bay and it got pulled. I got an e-mail from Paul Parker shortly after saying that he had bought it in Gibsons BC (Beachcombers!) but Ardyce’s van blew the tranny on the way home so he had to sell it.  Throwing caution to the wind I jumped on a plane to Vancouver, rented a car and drove to Paul’s place.  I liked the car but we needed to get the master cylinder replaced as the brakes were dodgy. Paul and I spent the day together doing that and arranging insurance and quickly became friends. He helped me get the rental car back to the airport and I drove the hearse home.  As you may already know, that car was sold to Brian and Ingrid and they sold it to Tony and Cheryl.

The first hearse cruise was with my 78 and two cars from Travis and Lou (74 Olds, owned by Keith Mason and now The Bear and an 80 Caddy) I tried to have another cruise just before Halloween but it snowed and Marshall and I were the only ones who showed up! We drove around to different home haunts that we found in the newspaper including one by Les. Les borrowed my 78 one Halloween and then bought his own, the white Buick that he sold to Ben and then was sold to Tony and Cheryl.

Luke and I finally hooked up after a year of phone tag; I had found him thru a fellow Bison driver that I met in Calgary in a parking lot. Bob Leepak was inspired by my 78 to finally get his own, a white 87 Eureka. Paul later bought an 81 with air ride, which was later sold to Les.

It was about this time that we decided on 2 names and Paul found the guy that did our logos. I had stickers done up just in time for our first Rock’n’August. The Friday cruise was Paul, Luke, Bob and I and we caused quite a stir, especially when Paul dropped the air bags in front of the huge crowd! Partway thru the Saturday show another hearse showed up from Saskatchewan; Walter Altehouse and his family were using it to haul their souvenir booth. 5 hearses for the first year!!   


Things grew from there…

Luke and I met Brian and Ingrid at a Custom Costumes grand opening (our first ever promotional event)

I met Ben and Rona at a dEdmonton meeting

You’n’I found each other on the NHAA forums!

We’ve picked up numerous new people from our Facebook page and from attending shows and events

I think that we’ve done Rock’n’August 6 years???

Luke and I attended HearseCon in 2008

Marshall, Lynn and I and Ben and Rona attended HearseCon in 2010

We had 3 cars (all owned by the ladies) at HearseCon this year


Is this what you were looking for? Lynn says that I should add the years/dates but my brain is fuzzy on the details!!





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